Monday, May 16, 2011

Enter the Blogging World I am...

I thought to myself today that I am just not in touch with my philosophical side anymore!  I seem to sit, with arms crossed eyes half closed, thinking about miscellaneous things that really make no sense.  Not that they are not relevant to my life, or maybe you as the reader, but in essence they have no place in my current state or being.  In that I am day dreaming, as they call it.  So I figure why not transcribe these thoughts, add a bit of dry humor, some education  (for those that want it), and just maybe, make a difference.  After all as William James, my utmost favorite author, stated 'Today I will pretend that what I do makes a difference."

I will not get too in depth tonight, however I think that all of us need a bit of relaxation in our lives, and how you choose to do it is up to you!  I, myself, like various versions - typically sitting in a dark room just sitting by myself as the Mrs. puts the baby to sleep...Other times I find myself in a complete antithesis of a relaxing situation, like maybe in front of the TV, at a baseball game, or believe it or not, asleep!  As my wife likes to remind me, it actually takes more brain activity to sleep than to watch TV, so I don't often get to veg out in front of the TV anymore, but I have to admit I don't really miss it. 

The point I am trying to make is that it really depends on what you find relaxing, the things that bring you no stress, and just do them...without sounding cliche, Nike really has the copyright on this, but Just Do It!   I have been through quite a bit in my short time on this Earth, but one thing that seems to have remained constant is that the level of stress is directly proportional to the amount of relaxing I can, or can not, do.  It is utterly imperative that no matter how busy, crazy, time consuming, demanding, or easy your job is you must find an out - Find a way to distress and make it a habit, how often that habit is is ultimately up to you...

I bid you a farewell this fine evening, and let the rain that is falling make way for the clear blue skies and 80 degree weather that I need to survive!


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